Bonds underwriting

Bonds are debt securities issued by a company in order to borrow funds from investors for a specific period of time.

Use of bond financing

Refinancing of existing loans

Financing of development projects

Financing of M&A transactions

Bridge financing

Advantages of bonds

Bonds may be unsecured or backed with collateral of a lower priority, subordinated to the lending bank

No amortisation schedule for the principal amount, which provides the issuer with a cash flow relief during the investment period

Access to a significant amount of financing that a single bank is not ready to issue

Opportunity to promote public recognition of the company

Diversification of the investor base – less dependence on a single creditor

Flexible, business-tailored transaction structure

Liquidity as a financial instrument

Bond issue carries no dilution risk for the shareholders as opposed to equity issue

Also, many bond issuers acknowledge that their exposure to capital markets has helped them:

  • Attract new employees
  • Negotiate better terms with banks
  • Secure better deal conditions with suppliers and partners


Bank clients
External investors in the Baltics

The Bank itself always co-invests in its arranged issues, thus being able to underwrite part of the issue.

Bank clients

The Bank has an extensive and experienced client base (the Bank’s client funds in management and storage exceed EUR 1 billion), which actively makes investments in debt securities.

External investors in the Baltics

Pension funds
Investment funds
Insurance companies
Family offices
Private individuals

Company’s prerequisites for bond issuance

Ability to service debt liabilities

Required amount of financing of at least EUR 1 million

Clearly defined company strategy and planned use of funds

Experienced and professional management team

Typical corporate bond issue terms in the Baltics

Issue size
Coupon rate
Repayment schedule

2-4 years

Bank clients

EUR 2-20 million

External investors in the Baltics

Depends on the market situation and the Issuer’s credit risk


At maturity or phased redemption

Comparison of different types of borrowing

Signet Bank’s role for the successful execution of the issue of debt securities

Helping companies prepare for bond issue

Advising on choosing the optimal deal structure and terms

Becoming a co-investor in its arranged issues

Possibility to place bonds within the Signet Bank’s client base

Signet Bank is a:

  • Participant of Nasdaq CSD (Depositary)
  • Member of Nasdaq Baltic (Stock Exchange)
  • First North Certified Adviser

Transaction history

Signet Bank Capital Markets Team

Kristiāna Janvare, CFA
Head of Investment Division
E-mail: [email protected]

Edmunds Antufjevs
Head of Corporate Finance
E-mail: [email protected]

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