A Bank with a Vision of Sustainable Development

Sustainable development means meeting today’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to implement their own needs. These are actions that are permeated with responsibility for the environment, fellow human beings and society as a whole, combining economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection.

Signet Bank builds its activities with sustainability principles in mind, gradually integrating ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) considerations into the company’s operations. We have implemented a sustainable governance structure, identifying key areas of responsibility to ensure that the implementation of the sustainability strategy is targeted, relevant and implemented at all levels of the organization.

Sustainable financial products – our duty and responsibility

We recognize that we can make the greatest impact in the field of sustainability through our core business. By offering sustainable financial products, capital management solutions and investment opportunities based on the ESG principles, we contribute to the efforts outlined in the Paris Agreement on Combating Climate Change, the European Green Course and the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Governance and formation of public opinion

Signet Bank prides itself on a responsible and transparent management culture. Realizing that sustainability efforts require changes in the views and behaviour of society and its groups, we address the aspects of sustainable development and their importance to Signet Bank customers, employees, and society as a whole.

Joint responsibility for the environment

One of the Signet Bank’s sustainability objectives is to reduce the direct impact of our activities on the environment. This includes both responsible consumption and reasonable, efficient use of resources, as well as the implementation and compliance with environmental and social standards. We are guided by these standards when choosing partners with similar values.