Brokerage Services

If you are familiar with the investment environment and want to devote your time to selecting and implementing investment ideas, use the brokerage services offered by Signet Bank.

The most important advantages when choosing Signet Bank for brokerage services



Best execution policy – the principle of the best price available on the market

We transactions with a wide range of financial instruments

Debt securities in various currencies and in major markets.

Stocks in European Union, USA, Switzerland, Norway, Russia, Canada and other countries.

Investment funds around the world

Currency and financial derivatives transactions.

Custody services

Signet Bank uses the services of reliable cooperation partners for holding, servicing and executing transactions in financial instruments, as well as ensures that the clients and the bank’s own financial instruments are permanently kept separately, thus guaranteeing additional security.

Our specialists perform all activities related to the administration of financial instruments and ensure that dividends and other investment income are credited to your Current Account.

To make transactions with financial instruments, you need to open both a Current Account and a Financial Instrument Account with Signet Bank.

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We serve bespoke solutions to each client