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Understanding our customers’ needs and experiences is one of our core operating principles. We do not apply a standard approach for achieving customer goals; each solution is found by thoroughly analyzing each situation individually and following the global trends in the industry.

Signet Bank focuses its strategy on servicing and financing entrepreneurs and their companies, with an emphasis on high-quality capital management and structuring investment projects.

This individualized approach is the foundation of relationships between us, as the Signet Bank, and our clients.

€ 1.1 billion
entrusted to Signet Bank for administration
€ 350 million
of financing attracted from capital markets
No 1
in terms of the scope and number of organized bond emissions for Latvian companies

Financing for business

Business development loans
  • Financing of up to 80% of the project’s expenses or collateral value
  • Interest rate from 6 months EURIBOR + 3% per annum
  • Amount up to EUR 10 million
  • Repayment term up to 15 years, individual repayment schedule
  • Real estate, company assets, or company shares may be used as collateral
Bonds underwriting
  • A flexible transaction structure that is always adapted to your company’s needs
  • Access to major financing, which a single bank is not always prepared to provide
  • Bond redemption usually happens at their expiration and without any depreciation schedule, which means that your company can use the full financing during the term when the obligations are valid
  • Bond issues facilitate your company’s level of public recognition
  • Many bond issuers have said that their presence in the capital markets has helped them to:
    • find new employees;
    • agree on better conditions with banks;
    • ensuring better transaction requirements with suppliers and partners.

Our Clients

It is always a pleasure to work with the staff of the Corporate and Investment Department of Signet Bank – using their high proficiency, they find solutions that provide both financing for the growth of our company and attractive investment opportunities for investors. It is encouraging to see that the activities of Signet Bank demonstrate the prospects for the development of the Latvian capital market, and the proposed solutions confirm this. The bond issues arranged by Signet Bank helped to boost our company’s recognition in the Latvian capital markets. We are currently taking the next step and planning our initial public offering (IPO). When looking for a cooperation partner, we always try to find a professional in their field – Signet Bank is exactly that.

Didzis Admidins
Chairman of the Board of AS DelfinGroup

Signet Bank excellently arranged the issue and listing of ELKO Group bonds on Nasdaq Riga First North alternative securities market. The issue provided the necessary working capital to remain competitive and continue to grow. It should be noted that the issue was arranged in a relatively short period of time and negotiations with investors resulted in demand 2.5 times higher than available.

Svens Dinsdorfs
Director of ELKO Group

We have a highly efficient and flexible cooperation with Signet Bank. We get answers to our everyday questions and appropriate solutions for our tasks, the terms of cooperation are logical and clear. Even in more complex cases, we have noted the bank’s commitment to get to the core of the issue rather than providing a formal solution. The bank works with a clear vision of development, which corresponds to EKJU’s vision and makes our cooperation successful.

Maris Danieks
Chairman of the Board of EKJU

I was confident in the professional approach of Signet Bank’s team and the high bar they hold in terms of quality, which we at CleanR Group were also able to verify during our cooperation on the arrangement of the Group’s bond issue. We are truly pleased that together we have achieved excellent results in attracting local investors specifically – the absolute majority (85%) of the Group’s bondholders are from Latvia! The ability to delve into the specifics of the industry and the company, a nuanced understanding of capital market instruments and the ability to find the most effective solutions for each client characterize the work Signet Bank is doing.

Guntars Kokorevics
Chairman of the Council of AS CleanR Grupa

With Signet Bank’s funding and support, we were able to continue the development of our project at Exupery International School (EIS). Now a new building has been built and equipped for EIS, where senior students study and live comfortably. Now Latvia has its first international boarding school, where young people will study according to the world’s two best-known and most demanded secondary school programs. Cooperation with Signet Bank has contributed to the improvement of the international education project of Exupery International School – this will not only open opportunities for international education for students in Latvia, but will also open Latvia to high school students from all over the world.

Elena Buyanova
Founder of Exupery International School

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