Announcement on the process of preparation for the liquidation of the Integrum funds

Dear investor!

Signet Asset Management Latvia IPS (hereinafter – the Management Company), which is managing the investment funds Integrum Global USD Bond Fund, Integrum Global EUR Bond Fund, Integrum Global EUR Stock Index Fund and Integrum Multi-Asset Total Return USD Fund (hereinafter each individually referred as the fund), wishes to inform you, as the investor in this fund, that in the 3rd quarter of 2024 it is planned to announce the commencement of liquidation of the fund. The main reason for the liquidation of the fund is the high proportion of the investors with a high level of money laundering and terrorism and proliferation financing and sanctions violation risk, which does not correspond to the risk appetite of the Management Company. Reducing this risk will cause a significant outflow of capital from the fund, which will make unprofitable further operations of the fund.

By August 31, 2024, the Management Company plans to develop and approve the fund liquidation plan and get the permission from the Bank of Latvia. A notice of the commencement of liquidation will be published immediately after receiving the permission for liquidation from the Bank of Latvia. Please note that during the liquidation process of the fund, any actions with the investment certificates of the fund will be impossible. The process of liquidating the fund will also be associated with additional costs, including deferred costs (such as maintaining the necessary IT infrastructure and personnel), which attributable to the liquidation income and which will reduce the part of the liquidation income payable to the investor.

Taking above mentioned into consideration, the Management Company recommends to investors of the fund, who have passed the identification and due diligence procedure and received permission to carry out transactions with investment certificates of the fund, to submit without hesitation to the Management Company the order for buy-back of investment certificates of the fund. Upon receiving the order, the Management Company will execute it in accordance with the procedure stipulated in the Prospectus of the fund.

The Management Company also recommends to all investors who have not yet completed the identification and due diligence procedure to contact the Management Company immediately in order to complete it.